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Posted on Aug 25, 2017

Scott and Tony have been together for 16 years. They had a very intimate wedding ceremony last year that a friend and colleague of mine had the pleasure of shooting. The couple had a reception for friends and family a few months ago, an event my friend Cam was not available to shoot so he sent them my info. I am so happy that my friend was busy with another job!!! This event was so crazy awesome, I’ll never forget it.

Everything about this job was lovely from the start. They held it at the very beautiful Women’s Twentieth Century Club in Eagle Rock. The decorations where simple, pretty and emotional. The food catered by Romega Catering was delicious and stunning in it’s presentation. The guests all seemed to have a loving, sincere, kindness to them… I sensed a hint of wildness in all of them almost immediately, which is always exciting. I like those people that cross the line from relative normalcy to shenanigans without much urging. The stress-free lightness in the air and the unmistakable feeling of spring made me feel like I was in a movie, or commercial or something.

The main event was a program where the couple’s actor friends took turns reading letters that the newlyweds had written to each other over the course of their relationship. IT WAS THE BEST! It was deeply personal, funny and entertaining all at the same time. Brilliant boys.

1 mkp wedding details wedding photographer

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3 mkp wedding details la wedding photographer

4 mkp 20th century womens club la wedding photographer

5 mkp wedding details la wedding photographer

6 mkp wedding details la wedding photographer

7 mkp wedding details la wedding photographer

8 mkp la wedding photographer

Seriously people. This is this couples card! They made business cards that say “Professional Fun-Havers”! Remember what I told you about the hint of wildness just under the surface? This is a perfect example.

9 mkp la wedding photographer

10 mkp grand entrance la wedding photographer

11 mkp wedding photojournalism

12 mkp la wedding photographer

13 mkp wedding photojournalism

14 mkp wedding photojournalism

15 mkp 2 wild and crazy guys

The sister giving a speech made her brother and his husband put on these glasses so that she wouldn’t cry when she was speaking.

16 mkp wedding photojournalisms

For real. They had to keep them on the whole time she was talking. I love this group so much.

17 mkp wedding photojournalism

After the program and the speeches, the stage manager (yup, they had a stage manager) asked if anyone else had something to say. Scott surprised his husband with a production number. He lip-synced Crazy For You from Dreamgirls.   He killed it.

18 mkp wedding photojournalism

19 mkp wedding photojournalism

20 mkp wedding live performance

21 mkp singer

He followed that up with actually singing a ballad to Tony. It was a song about sailing. At the song’s climax, 16 people in the crowd raised blue flags above their heads symbolizing waves on the ocean. There were 16 flags representing the 16 years that the couple has been together. I don’t need to tell you that there was very few dry eyes in the room. It was so special.

22 mkp wedding photojournalism

23 mkp wedding photojournalism

24 mkp wedding photojournalism

25 mkp 20th century womens club

26 mkp first dance

27 mkp wedding photojournalism

28 mkp wedding photojournalism

29 mkp cutting the cake

30 mkp wedding photobomb

Epic photo-bomb.

31 mkp thespians

These ladies cracked me up. There were a lot of thespians at the party. I think I gave them “The Witches of Eastwick” as motivation for this sequence.

32 mkp thespians

33 mkp wedding photojournalism

34 mkp la wedding photographer

35 mkp la wedding photographer

36 mkp la wedding photographer

37 mkp la wedding photographer

This shot makes me so happy.

38 mkp la wedding photographer

39 mkp la wedding photographer

40 mkp la wedding photographer

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42 mkp la wedding photographer

43 mkp la wedding photographer

44 mkp groom portrait

45 mkp groom portrait

46 mkp groom portrait

47 mkp groom portrait

48 mkp la wedding photographer wedding details

49 mkp groom portrait

50 mkp groom portrait

When I took this job I had no idea that such a quick event would be so much fun and so special. Congrats Scott and Tony! Thank you for choosing me to capture your love and your special day.

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I have been emotionally wrecked since the outcome of the presidential election. I don’t think that any politician has the power to really change the world, so it’s not as if I looked to Hillary, Bernie or Obama as saviors. I believe that change comes slowly, most often quietly, from the ground up.

Even so, what occurred here has been upsetting to many of us. I have cried a lot. Like with any tragic, or shocking event, I’ve gone through the various stages of grief. Anger, denial, overwhelming sadness… All of it. I have been trying my best to process the whole thing, working toward that point where I climb out of the despair, put on my big girl panties and move toward the light. While I understand the need for battles in life, I personally am most effective when I am actively working toward progress no matter how subtle.

Hate and taking sides NEVER works. EVER. What is the saying? Love begets love. Hate begets hate. I totally believe that shit. So on inauguration day this 2017, I was presented with an opportunity to spend the day in love and light and I jumped in headfirst.

An event planner colleague of mine, Rose Forbes of Two Tree Events, married two couples at no charge at Pasadena City Hall and I documented it… Also free of charge. Both couples surrounded themselves with a small gathering of their closest friends and family. We all congregated on the most scenic part of the covered patio where we were protected by the POURING rain. The rain seemed to amplify the intense emotional aspect somehow in the most beautiful way.

(Shit. I totally started crying typing this…. Get it together Melissa!)

The whole thing was so special, and so beautiful; I am grateful to have been a part of it. Although the act itself was a sort of quiet protest, it was really more about making a stand and committing ourselves to the love we want to see in the world. While it was about the individual couples and their love for each other, it was bigger than that.

It was a collective, audible affirmation to hold our heads up and our hearts open to the goodness that abounds even in times of turmoil.

(Dammit. I just started crying again. Ugh. I talk tough, but I’m so sensitive!)

Here are pics from the day. Please share this post. This is not about being against anything or anyone. This is about choosing love and inclusion. We need to come together in order to push the needle forward.

I believe we have the power to do it.

1 mkp i do in the park

2 mkp i do in the park

3 mkp i do in the park

4 mkp i do in the park

5 mkp i do in the park

6 mkp i do in the park

7 mkp emotional bride

Soooo, this is where I lost it the first time. As soon as her bride turned the corner, she gasped, “Oh my god, she’s so beautiful.” My poor little heart just exploded.

8 mkp emotional bride

9 mkp emotional bride

10 mkp emotional bride

11 mkp Rose Forbes

I panned over to Rose and she was clearly experiencing a similar emotion.

12 mkp Pasadena City Hall wedding

13 mkp Pasadena City Hall wedding

14 mkp Pasadena City Hall wedding

15 mkp i do in the park

16 mkp i do in the park

17 mkp i do in the park

18 mkp i do in the park

19 mkp i do in the park


20 mkp first kiss

21 mkp i do in the park

22 mkp emotional outburst

23 mkp emotional outburst

24 mkp cutie pie

25 mkp happy couple

26 mkp happy couple

27 mkp Rose Forbes

28 mkp i do in the park

Rain on your wedding day is lucky!!

29 mkp i do in the park

30 mkp text from mom

While at lunch in between weddings, our mom’s both texted at the same time with the same “I love you, I’m proud of you” type text. Mom intuition, check!


Wedding number 2! Rose prepares while the happy couple poses for their loved ones.

31 mkp i do in the park

32 mkp i do in the park

33 mkp i do in the park

34 mkp i do in the park

35 mkp i do in the park

36 mkp i do in the park

37 mkp Pasadena City Hall wedding

38 mkp Pasadena City Hall wedding

39 mkp Pasadena City Hall wedding

40 mkp i do in the park

41 mkp Pasadena City Hall wedding

42 mkp i do in the park

43 mkp i do in the park

44 mkp beautiful bride

45 mkp beautiful bride

46 mkp Pasadena City Hall wedding

47 mkp Rose Forbes

48 mkp i do in the park

49 mkp Pasadena City Hall wedding

50 mkp i do in the park

51 mkp beautiful bride

52 mkp beautiful brides

53 mkp Pasadena City Hall wedding

54 mkp Pasadena City Hall wedding

55 mkp i do in the park

56 mkp i do in the park

57 mkp beautiful bride

58 mkp beautiful brides

The last two days turned out to be an unforgettable weekend filled with so much love and hope… two emotions I didn’t see coming. Seeing all the peaceful marches across the country and being a part of “I Do In The Park” will forever be remembered as one of the most profound moments of my life.


Love will always win if we choose that option over the alternative.


2017 JANUARY 19 Los Angeles, Calif.: Los Angeles-area wedding industry professionals are coming together to show their support of marriage equality and their belief that marriage is a human right to all people in loving relationships. Rose Forbes, proprietor of Two Tree Events, the LA-based wedding and events coordination company and Melissa Kobe, owner and lead photographer of M. Kobe Photography are spearheading the efforts by presenting “I Do In the Park.” The purpose of this event is to flood the internet with photos of couples of all persuasions in love and getting married on the same day as president-elect Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States. It is meant to be a subtle protest showing that by flooding the world with love one can continue to fight the hate that many believe the President-Elect incites.


Because of the anticipated rain, “I Do In the Park” will now be hosted at the Pasadena City Hall rather than the originally designated Arlington Gardens in Pasadena  January 20, 2017 from 9:00AM-3:00PM. During those hours couples who come prepared with their state-issued marriage license applications will become legally married surrounded by friends and loved ones in a beautiful public garden free of charge. Melissa Kobe will be documenting the event and posting photos on all forms of social media as well as posting the pictures on a client gallery where couples can purchase prints and digital downloads at the prices Kobe normally extends only to her paying clients.


The idea occurred to Rose Forbes the day after the election. “My first thought was, ‘what can I do to make a difference?’ Being wedding industry professionals, we have the unique ability to support to couples of all types in a way that other businesses cannot. We really want to fight the hate and anger that is at its height with a showing love at its strongest,” says Forbes. When Melissa Kobe heard the idea she was so excited that she was inspired to come offer her photography services as well stating, “If I’m not doing something intentionally positive at that time [of Trump’s inauguration], I will be a basket case,”


This is the third event of this type that the Forbes as hosted To sign up for your ceremony or for more information as to how you can be a part of this day please contact Two Tree Events at Also please contact for a location update if it should be raining that day.



Rose Forbes                               

(310) 463-4664




Melissa Kobe

(323) 804-2504                   

I do in the park truck

Posted on Nov 24, 2016
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AH HAHAHAHA. I kid, I kid… This happy couple is big time in to Star Wars, not Star Trek. I mean, if you can’t poke fun at your little cousin and her now husband, there is nothing right with the world. Yup, this beautiful bride is family; the blood kind. She and her crazy man had an intimate backyard wedding at a dear family friends home in Spokane, Washington. Today’s post is a little longer than usual, but I guess when I know so many of the subjects in front of my lens, that’s bound to happen.










THIS IS NOT THEIR DOG. This friendly guy totally came when called and was not stingy with his love.











Look closely at the bride’s wedding ring. Total nerds. I had way too much fun staging this shot. Just look at that background. I picked up the W on this one.










So, this happened.





























The bride’s older sister maybe had dry eyes for like 5 minutes.








An epic arm wrestling tournament ensued! I am sad to say that I competed many times, and won NONE. I think that’s why I kept getting asked challenged.










I love you both so much! Congratulations! You’re just crazy enough to make it 🙂

Posted on Sep 01, 2016
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Good god, this couple is A D O R A B L E. They were actually married several weeks before this in a NYC courthouse, so this was meant to be a casual celebratory, post wedding party with their closest friends and family. The whole affair was beautiful, from the elegant summery décor, the wild guests once they cut loose, to the love that was palpable in the air from all in attendance. That’s what’s so great about these joyous life events… More often than not when you gather a bunch of people that love each other in celebration, you can feel it in the air. It really is the best. I totally lucked into this job with these amazing people, and I am so grateful I did.

1 mkp pasadena wedding

2 mkp pasadena wedding

3 mkp speak no evil hear no evil see no evil

4 mkp pasadena wedding

5 mkp family portrait

6 mkp family portraits

7 mkp proud parents

8 mkp bride and groom

9 mkp bride and groom

10 mkp bride and groom

11 mkp bride and groom

12 mkp bride and groom

13 mkp bride and groom

14 mkp bride and groom

15 mkp pasadena wedding

16 mkp pasadena wedding

17 mkp pasadena wedding

18 mkp wedding photojournalism

19 mkp pasadena wedding

20 mkp pasadena wedding

21 mkp pasadena wedding

22 mkp pasadena wedding

23 mkp family portrait

24 mkp pasadena wedding

25 mkp pasadena wedding

26 mkp fun with name tags

The guests had name tags on, which of course I kept making them take off when we did portraits.  I kept telling them to put the name tags on their butts, so we did a version of one of my favorite shots where I lie on the ground and have everyone stand around me…. Booty booty booty booty booty everywhere!

27 mkp fun with name tags

28 mkp wedding details

29 mkp wedding details

30 mkp wedding documentary

31 mkp cutting the cake

32 mkp father daughter dance

33 mkp dancing groom and his mother in law

34 mkp wedding photojournalism

35 mkp fun ladies dancing at a wedding

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40 mkp wedding photojournalism

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45 mkp mother and father of the bride gettin it done

46 mkp wedding photojournalism

47 mkp father of the bride

48 mkp happy family

49 mkp happy family

50 mkp bride and groom

Posted on Aug 11, 2016
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I’m not sure where to start with this couple… I suppose I officially met them when they attended a wedding I was hired to shoot last year.  We have several acquaintances in common; the major connector is the groom’s best friend and one of my favorite colleagues, Jill at MHP Events. Jill is pretty much the bomb. Robbie and Suzette got married in Palm Springs, which meant that I got to travel to one of my favorite southern Cali places to shoot one of my favorite types of jobs, for some of my favorite people!!! They had the ceremony at the very beautiful PGA West in La Quinta. It was intimate and had stunning views. It was pure awesomeness all around. Robbie and Suzette are seriously two of the nicest, most chill, fun, and generous people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working for. I love them with all my sappy photographer heart!

1 mkp palm springs wedding

The wedding party was enjoying the pool in the courtyard… Right in plain sight of where I wanted to take pictures of the dress. I gathered some big strong men to hold up a sheet to serve as a curtain so there were no spoilers.

2 mkp palm springs wedding

3 mkp wedding details

4 mkp palm springs wedding

5 mkp palm springs wedding

6 mkp palm spring wedding

God, I love me a pool jumping shot!

7 mkp palm springs wedding

8 mkp palm springs wedding

9 mkp palm springs wedding

10 mkp palm springs wedding

11 mkp palm springs wedding

12 mkp beautiful bride getting ready

I mean, come on! She’s gorgeous.

13 mkp beautiful bride getting ready

14 mkp wedding photojournalism

15 mkp wedding photojournalism

16 mkp hanging with the boys

Oh yeah, we did this.

17 mkp wedding photojournalism

18 mkp palm springs wedding

The rose was not cooperating so Robbie fixed it with is foot.

19 mkp first look

This was the best First Look’s ever! Robbie turned around and basically lost his shit. He took a step back to take her in, and told her “Oh my god, I’m so lucky baby.” I’ll never forget it.

20 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

21 mkp palm spring wedding PGA West

22 mkp palm spring wedding PGA West

23 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

24 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

25 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

26 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

27 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

28 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

29 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

30 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

31 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

32 mkp palm springs wedding flower girl

This was a HOT Palm Springs weekend. The venue had these misters that made it look like they were coming out of the clouds.

33 mkp palm springs wedding flower girl

34 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

35 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

36 mkp wedding photojournalism

37 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

38 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

39 mkp palm spring wedding PGA West

41 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

42 mkp palm spring wedding PGA West

43 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

44 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

45 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West


46 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

47 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

48 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

49 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

50 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

51 mkp palm springs wedding

52 mkp palm springs wedding PGA West

53 mkp bride and groom

54 mkp wedding photojournalism

55 mkp wedding photojournalism

Suzette is even a pretty crier!

56 mkp wedding photojournalism

57 mkp wedding party

58 mkp high school friends

59 mkp wedding photojournalism

60 mkp wedding photojournalism

61 mkp wild wedding reception

62 mkp wild wedding reception

63 mkp wedding photojournalism

64 mkp wedding photojournalism

65 mkp wedding photojournalism

66 mkp wild wedding reception

67 mkp dust your shoulders off

68 mkp wild wedding reception

69 mkp wedding photojournalism

70 mkp wild wedding photojournalism

71 mkp wild wedding reception

72 mkp wild wedding reception

73 mkp wedding photojournalism

74 mkp wild wedding reception

75 mkp wild wedding reception

This last sequence pretty much sums up how fun this group is. To you my dear newlyweds, I think you should get married once a year so we can do this all over again… And again…

Posted on Jun 25, 2016
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Sometimes I am amazed at my luck. Take this family for example… Meghan was my contact person for a random assignment I worked one night for the newspaper I freelance for. She’s a photographer herself and she’s just one of those people that you can breathe easy around. I just love her. We hit it off and not long after having met her, she hired me to shoot her parents anniversary party. I was then introduced to a good chunk of her family who all ranked equally high on the “awesome meter”. It was a job I will never forget because of the emotional, loving nature of the whole thing. To say I adore them would be an understatement.

Last year I got a call from Perri, Meghan’s niece, regarding shooting her 2016 Malibu wedding. I was beyond stoked when it became official that I was going to be hired as their photographer. I totally vibed with the couple in our correspondences leading up to the big day, and when I met them in person it was just as I expected. They rock. They are so kind, chill, funny, have a great sense of humor, and are all around beautiful inside and out. Their friends and family welcomed me the person, not just the hired hand, right into their day and their life. Laura with DB Creativity did an amazing job as the day-of planner at the stunning Calamigos Ranch venue. It was an absolute blast to shoot. The only down side of my job is that I get thrown into these incredibly meaningful life-moments, fall in love with an entire group of people… Spend time with them after the event as I edit their photos for hours on end, and then, BAM! They’re gone. It’s like mourning the loss of a short-lived relationship. Something tells me though that I will see this group again… If I’m lucky.

1 mkp wedding dress and horse

2 mkp just married

3 mkp mother of the bride and maid of honor

4 mkp bridal party getting ready

5 mkp pretty bride

I mean come on! Look how cute she is!

6 mkp groomsmen portrait

7 mkp put a ring on it

8 mkp bride and groom

9 mkp bride and groom

10 mkp bride and groom

11 mkp wedding portraits

12 mkp bridal party

13 mkp bridesmaids

14 mkp bridesmaids

15 mkp bridesmaids

16 mkp bridesmaids

17 mkp groom and his mother

18 mkp mother of the bride

19 mkp walking down the aisle

20 mkp father of the bride

21 mkp father of the bride

22 mkp walking down the aisle

23 mkp Calamigos Ranch

24 mkp Calamigos Ranch wedding

25 mkp wedding audience

26 mkp first kiss

27 mkp first kiss

28 mkp Calamigos Ranch wedding

29 mkp Calamigos Ranch wedding

30 mkp Malibu wedding

31 mkp Malibu wedding

32 mkp Calamigos Ranch wedding

33 mkp father daughter, mother son dance

34 mkp mother of the bride

35 mkp mother of the bride and her son in law

36 mkp mother of the bride and her son in law

37 mkp Calamigos Ranch wedding reception

Wait for it….

38 mkp dirty dancing lift

39 mkp dirty dancling lift

40 mkp dirty dancling lift

The Dirty Dancing lift! This expertly choreographed move solidified my love for this crew.

41 mkp dirty dancing lift

42 mkp dirty dancing lift

43 mkp dirty dancing lift

44 mkp dirty dancing lift

45 mkp crazy soccer guys

46 mkp wild wedding reception

47 mkp groom's jacket

48 mkp crazy soccer guys

49 mkp crazy soccer guys

50 mkp crazy soccer guys

51 mkp fun bride

52 mkp fun bride

53 mkp wild wedding reception

54 mkp father daughter dance

55 mkp father daughter dance

56 mkp wild wedding reception

57 mkp guys and girls dancing

58 mkp soccer team

59 mkp swim team

60 mkp brothers

61 mkp wild wedding reception

62 mkp bride and groom dancing

63 mkp singing groom

64 mkp bride and groom dancing

65 mkp soccer team dancing

66 mkp bride and groom

Like I said… I heart Perri & Patrick 🙂


Posted on Apr 22, 2016
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FACT. I am a sappy, big-hearted girl that gets smitten with people, experiences, and moments. This couple fits each of the above. Cindy reached out to me about shooting her super small, backyard wedding at the happy couple’s home in the valley. She works with another client of mine and loved the photos I took for them. After the initial back and forth of sorting out pricing and availability, she told me more fun stuff about who they were as people. How long they’ve been together, their careers; both are actors… Barry was Doody in the original Grease (AAAHHH!). She told me about their passion for philanthropy which is a big part of their life, and even sent me a picture of their cat, Grace. Once she did that, she solidified what I had already suspected… that I loved this woman.

The day could not have gone more smoothly. The warm, but not hot sunny California day had that subtly exciting feeling that summer was in the air. The flowers and trees in their yard were in such a full bloom that it felt as if I walked into an enchanting oasis. Grace, their awesome cat even let me photograph her wearing Cindy’s scarf! The smokin’ hot bride let me recreate a famous still from the movie The Graduate, and on top of that, the ceremony was intimate and emotional… IT WAS JUST THE BEST!

I absolutely adore this couple and am so happy they fell into my life and in front of my lens. I am a lucky girl.

1 mkp wedding details

2 mkp wedding details

3 mkp wedding details

4 mkp wedding rings

5 mkp cat wearing a scarf

6 mkp best friends

7 mkp bride getting ready

8 mkp bridal party documentary

9 mkp chuppah

10 mkp jewish wedding ceremony

11 mkp jewish wedding ceremony

12 mkp jewish wedding ceremony

13 mkp wedding ceremony

14 mkp jewish wedding ceremony

15 mkp wedding ceremony

16 mkp wedding ring

17 mkp beautiful bride

18 mkp jewish wedding ceremony

19 mkp bride and groom

20 mkp bride and groom

21 mkp bride and groom

22 mkp first kiss

23 mkp bridal party

24 mkp wedding party portraits

25 mkp Barry's look away shot that I'm going to always use

26 mkp cats are people too

27 mkp bride and groom portrait

28 mkp bride and groom portrait

29 mkp bride and groom portrait

30 mkp bride and groom portrait

31 mkp bride and groom portrait

32 mkp bride and groom portrait

33 mkp bride and groom portrait

34 mkp bride and groom portrait

Posted on Feb 20, 2016
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This fabulous couple used to be regulars at a 50’s diner I used to work at while I was going to school for photography, and then when my business was in its infancy stages. They would come in every Sunday, and wait for a table in my section. I love them.

When I finally cut the cord at the diner and decided to give my photography business 100%, I lost touch with a great number of people I loved that had become fixtures in my life over the course of my decade long tenure at that particular restaurant job. Lori and Scott were among those I missed.

Then one day out of the blue, I got a call from Scott telling me he had popped the question to Lori, and they wanted me to shoot the wedding. There was just one thing… It wasn’t going to be a traditional wedding. It was going to be SUPER small, and oh yeah, it was going to take place on a jet.

Sign me up sir. I am in.

Scott is a pilot himself and proposed to his smokin’ hot bride while flying a small plane around a romantic waterfall in Hawaii.

This is not a fairytale. This is a true story.

They felt it was only suiting to have their very intimate ceremony take place on a Surfair jet while circling Catalina Island at sunset.

I repeat, this is not a fairytale.

Surfair is an airline club that services California; members pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to flights to their growing number of select cities. It’s beyond cool.

Everything about this job was special. The way the bride and groom looked at each other is the stuff they make movies about. There’s something about framing a shot, literally bringing a moment into focus, and realizing that what’s happening right in front of you is one of those moments you’re always searching for as a photographer… And it’s happening ABOVE the most scenic backdrop one could possibly ask for!  The love this group had for each other was palpable in that small cabin, and caused my viewfinder to fog up as my eyes filled with tears more than once.  These are the kind of gigs I live for.

I will never ever forget this job.  Thanks you two for bringing me into your plane and your life.  It was an incredible ride.

1 mkp private jet wedding

2 mkp aviation wedding

3 mkp aviation wedding

4 mkp aviation bride and groom

5 mkp aviation bride and groom




9 mkp private jet wedding

10 mkp private jet wedding

11 mkp private jet wedding


13 mkp private jet wedding

14 mkp hawthorne airport

15 mkp private jet wedding


17 mkp wedding on a private jet

18 mkp champagne on a private jet

19 mkp wedding on a private jet

20 mkp private jet wedding


22 mkp private jet wedding

23 mkp private jet wedding

24 mkp private jet wedding

25 mkp private jet wedding

26 mkp private jet wedding

27 mkp private jet wedding

28 mkp private jet wedding

29 mkp wedding kiss

30 mkp wedding kiss

31 mkp high five

32 mkp high five

33 mkp i do

34 mkp Catalina Island

35 mkp grandma with her grandson

36 mkp sunset over Catalina Island

37 mkp L.A. from a private jet

38 mkp private jet cockpit

39 mkp wedding kiss in cockpit

40 mkp private jet wedding

41 mkp best bouquet toss ever

42 mkp pilots are cool

43 mkp aviation wedding

44 mkp aviation wedding

Posted on Feb 13, 2016
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This wedding went down smooth. Both bride and groom were chill and quick to smile… Two much appreciated qualities for any photographer.   This beautifully intimate wedding was also special because it introduced me to Sara, at Something Events!  Sara and her team are super talented and a pleasure to work with.  This stunning wedding allowed me to walk into a beautifully decorated venue that oozed a chill and joyful vibe, with creative, “get-er-done” vendors running the show.  You throw the vibrant Los Angeles China Town as a backdrop and  all I have to say is, “two thumbs way up”.

1 mkp wedding details

2 mkp wedding details

3 mkp wedding details

4 mkp wedding details

5 mkp bridal party getting ready

6 mkp bride getting ready

7 mkp bridal party getting ready

8 mkp bride getting ready

9 mkp bride getting ready

10 mkp bride walking down the aisle

11 mkp wedding ceremony

12 mkp wedding ceremony

13 mkp bridal party portraits

14 mkp bride and groom portrait

15 mkp wedding portraits

16 mkp wedding details

17 mkp wedding details

18 mkp wedding reception

19 mkp wedding reception

20 mkp wedding reception

21 mkp bride and groom china town

22 mkp bride and groom china town

23 mkp bride and groom china town

24 mkp bride and groom china town