Posted on Sep 06, 2017
Posted in Portraits

It’s funny how we as people move about our professional and social circles. We can just navigate our whole lives in our little orbits, brushing by others who are maneuvering in similar circles and not even know each other until one day, BAM! You hit! Or in this case, hit it off. This incredible woman and I have A LOT of mutual friends and colleagues in common. We’ve briefly met at a couple of functions over the years, but it never really sunk in until she called me looking to do a professional headshot session. I seriously can’t remember ever NOT knowing her now she is so much fun! Like so much fun, our session almost didn’t seem like a session at all. She comes from a kid’s camp background and is still involved in that world, so it was important to her that we got her outside in nature. Although outdoor on-location pics are always nice, I am a strong advocate that one should also just have a super simple, plain background shot to accompany those outdoor shots, so we came back to my studio in DT LA. Your face is the star of any good headshot. We want to see the intricacies and the personality up close and personal. This fun-loving gal did not disappoint. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the session.

1 mkp la headshot photographer

2 mkp la headshot photographer

She climbed a tree for me!! God, she’s so my people.

3 mkp la headshot photographer

4 mkp la headshot photographer

5 mkp la headshot photographer

6 mkp la headshot photographer

7 mkp la headshot photographer

8 mkp la headshot photographer

9 mkp la headshot photographer

Just admit it… This face just made your day as it did mine.

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