Posted on Aug 25, 2017

Scott and Tony have been together for 16 years. They had a very intimate wedding ceremony last year that a friend and colleague of mine had the pleasure of shooting. The couple had a reception for friends and family a few months ago, an event my friend Cam was not available to shoot so he sent them my info. I am so happy that my friend was busy with another job!!! This event was so crazy awesome, I’ll never forget it.

Everything about this job was lovely from the start. They held it at the very beautiful Women’s Twentieth Century Club in Eagle Rock. The decorations where simple, pretty and emotional. The food catered by Romega Catering was delicious and stunning in it’s presentation. The guests all seemed to have a loving, sincere, kindness to them… I sensed a hint of wildness in all of them almost immediately, which is always exciting. I like those people that cross the line from relative normalcy to shenanigans without much urging. The stress-free lightness in the air and the unmistakable feeling of spring made me feel like I was in a movie, or commercial or something.

The main event was a program where the couple’s actor friends took turns reading letters that the newlyweds had written to each other over the course of their relationship. IT WAS THE BEST! It was deeply personal, funny and entertaining all at the same time. Brilliant boys.

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3 mkp wedding details la wedding photographer

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6 mkp wedding details la wedding photographer

7 mkp wedding details la wedding photographer

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Seriously people. This is this couples card! They made business cards that say “Professional Fun-Havers”! Remember what I told you about the hint of wildness just under the surface? This is a perfect example.

9 mkp la wedding photographer

10 mkp grand entrance la wedding photographer

11 mkp wedding photojournalism

12 mkp la wedding photographer

13 mkp wedding photojournalism

14 mkp wedding photojournalism

15 mkp 2 wild and crazy guys

The sister giving a speech made her brother and his husband put on these glasses so that she wouldn’t cry when she was speaking.

16 mkp wedding photojournalisms

For real. They had to keep them on the whole time she was talking. I love this group so much.

17 mkp wedding photojournalism

After the program and the speeches, the stage manager (yup, they had a stage manager) asked if anyone else had something to say. Scott surprised his husband with a production number. He lip-synced Crazy For You from Dreamgirls.   He killed it.

18 mkp wedding photojournalism

19 mkp wedding photojournalism

20 mkp wedding live performance

21 mkp singer

He followed that up with actually singing a ballad to Tony. It was a song about sailing. At the song’s climax, 16 people in the crowd raised blue flags above their heads symbolizing waves on the ocean. There were 16 flags representing the 16 years that the couple has been together. I don’t need to tell you that there was very few dry eyes in the room. It was so special.

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25 mkp 20th century womens club

26 mkp first dance

27 mkp wedding photojournalism

28 mkp wedding photojournalism

29 mkp cutting the cake

30 mkp wedding photobomb

Epic photo-bomb.

31 mkp thespians

These ladies cracked me up. There were a lot of thespians at the party. I think I gave them “The Witches of Eastwick” as motivation for this sequence.

32 mkp thespians

33 mkp wedding photojournalism

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37 mkp la wedding photographer

This shot makes me so happy.

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44 mkp groom portrait

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49 mkp groom portrait

50 mkp groom portrait

When I took this job I had no idea that such a quick event would be so much fun and so special. Congrats Scott and Tony! Thank you for choosing me to capture your love and your special day.

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