Posted on Jun 21, 2013
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I am straddling the end of a busy photography season and the beginning of my own summer adventure season.  A week from now, I will be sitting on a hammock at my parents farm in Oregon, beer in hand, preparing for the inevitable fun of the second annual Brew and Pie Festival.  I  A M   S O   R E A D Y!  This week’s blog post is from my adventures last year.

It started out with Brew and Pie Fest, then my best friend Kristen and I drove with my dog to Wyoming to spend some time at a cabin that friends of the family built with their own two hands.  After the Wyoming trip, Kristen and I visited our friends’ ranch in Eastern Utah, Tavaputs, which might be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

A few weeks later, I flew back to Salt Lake to go on a 40 mile river trip down the Green River!  I thought I would be on a big raft letting others drive me down the river, but no, I spent most of the time driving myself in a kayak.  I am no skilled kayaker mind you, but after several days through rapids as high as class 4’s, I fell in love.  I ate shit once but it was a rite of passage.  I was cheered on when I made it down to where the big raft peeps were waiting for me, whiskey in hand to celebrate me handling the fall properly (mostly) and not dying or injuring myself.  I was told that besides my wreck, I did pretty good in the kayak.  There is a video somewhere of me doing a bad ass move of paddling into a big rapid so as not to fall before smoothly navigating my way out.  B I T C H E N.

There is an activity called “Butt Plugging” that happens on this particular river run.  Yup.  Butt Plugging.  Only those who have done it can speak to what it is.  Turns out, it was quite possibly one of the most exhilarating (non sexual) experiences ever.  I’d go into more detail, but it is a secretive subject and I’ve already said too much.

I cannot wait for this summers adventures!

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