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Posted on May 14, 2017
Posted in Mitzvah's, Portraits

When this family hired me to shoot their eldest daughters bat mitzvah, they were on the fence about whether or not they were going to do separate portrait session prior to the big day to use for things like a sign-in book, and other odds and ends relating to the event. I get it; scheduling time to pose for pictures some Muppety lady is taking of you is easily dismissible in the time-strapped world we live in. I am SOOOO glad they decided to do it!!! A separate portrait session is always great for me personally because it allows me one-on-one time in an intimate setting with just my clients… The kind of time that is impossible to achieve in the beautiful chaos of the actual event day.

When I do any kind of portrait session, I ALWAYS try to incorporate the potential for some kind of action. This very awesome young lady is big into books and dogs. I found a beach in Malibu that was dog friendly, and told them to bring their pup and some of her favorite books so we could incorporate her literary love into the shoot. Although she was the primary focus, the whole family was involved. It was so much fun!!!

Here are some of my favorite pics from the session… Stay tuned for a post of the bat mitzvah day!

1 mkp family portrait

2 mkp family portrait

3 mkp girl reading

4 mkp family portrait

5 mkp LA bat mitzvah

6 mkp LA bat mitzvah

7 mkp LA bat mitzvah

8 mkp LA bat mitzvah

9 mkp sisters

10 mkp sisters

11 mkp sisters and their dog

12 mkp sisters and their dog

13 mkp sisters and their dog

14 mkp sisters and their dog

15 mkp LA bat mitzvah

16 mkp LA bat mitzvah

17 mkp LA bat mitzvah

18 mkp LA bat mitzvah

19 mkp LA bat mitzvah

20 mkp LA bat mitzvah

21 mkp family portrait

22 mkp zombie family portrait

24 mkp family portrait

25 mkp family portrait

26 mkp LA bat mitzvah

27 mkp sisters playing on the beach

28 mkp sisters playing on the beach

29 mkp family playing on the beach

30 mkp daddy's girl

31 mkp girl on the beach

32 mkp sisters playing at sunset

33 mkp sisters playing on the beach at sunset

Posted on Apr 23, 2017

I am so excited about today’s post, you have no idea.  As some of you know, last year was the beginning of what has become an annual, on-going collaborative project with Poet, Sarah Suzor.  The project is based on a two-structure theme.  The first, and always consistent theme is the changing of the seasons.  The second theme changes each year and is decided upon based on subjects we each wish to explore within our respective mediums.

2016’s theme was the natural elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  We released quarterly poems last year here on my blog.  Although the blog posts were a good method of exhibiting our work, it was never intended to be the only medium.  We both wished to put it together in a video format as well as an actual book.

I am happy to announce that both are ready!  Well, actually the book is still at the press, but will be in our hands in a few short days… Just in time for my studio’s group show and open house this Saturday.

My studio is located in an artists community in DT LA called Keystone Art Space.  We do a group show in the gallery space and open up our own private studios to the public twice a year.  It’s really freaking cool.

I am going to show the video in the group show, and actual books will be for sale in my studio, A12.  The incredibly talented and gorgeous Sarah Suzor will be there in person as well.  My studio space-mate and very dear friend, Painter and Writer, Robin Maguire and I will be welcoming all who wish to check it out.  We are excited to receive friends, family, clients and other long lost acquaintances.  We’re even making a special cocktail!!! Woot woot!!!

Here is the official premiere of last year’s project in video form.  I have to thank the very talented Kevin Campbell, for editing the video and allowing us to use one of his original songs, Again, as the background track.  Check out our website,, to purchase your book, as well as stay updated as to this year’s project “the feminine.” (Working title.)


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Posted on Apr 17, 2017

I know it’s the middle of April and I’m just now getting to this post. Don’t judge me… Okay. You can judge me.

1 mkp rocking chair

This was a test shot for a shoot I did for the AMAZING Leah Zeger. I loved the test shot, what can I say?

2 mkp Leah Zeger

Here is the same shot as above with the intended subject. This girl ROCKS in so many ways. Do yourself a favor and google her. Full on blog post for this shoot coming soon!

3 mkp Los Angeles city hall

This was an exterior shot of a venue for an event I shot last month. You can see the very beautiful LA City Hall in the background. You can see the blog post for this event here.

4 mkp polaroid picture

I love this so much because he actually took a real Polaroid picture of me! To see his photo and the rest of the pics from this fun event, click here.

5 mkp two wild and crazy girls

This shot cracks me up. It was taken at an event for Five Acres last month. It’s become a tradition at the end of each and every event I do for them to get two shots of the organization’s Senior Leadership Team. One shot is a nice tame one they can use for professional purposes, and the other is a crazy one. I can’t remember the crazy pose I suggested, but half the group was into it, and the other half was not. Let’s just say the gorgeous woman on the right was into it and tried to physically coerce the defiant one in her grasp into agreement. It didn’t work out, but the struggle was oh so good.

6 mkp Dana Calvo

This incredible woman is a client and friend. Her parents came into town for Grandparents Day at her daughters’ school, which also happens to be a client of mine. I snapped this pic of the two generations delightfully engaged in a classroom discussion. Like mother, like daughter.

7 mkp family beach photo bomb

This shot was taken at a family portrait session I did at the beach. Although it was a family portrait shoot, the main focus was the middle child for his upcoming bar mitzvah. This shot made the cut because the young man with the ball and his sister photo bombed what was supposed to be a shot of the parents with their brother. The oldest wasn’t super into the shoot at first, but I knew then that I had broken him. Shenanigans tend to make for the best moments.

8 mkp soccer head

Dude. Same shoot as above! This was a complete accident! It might be one of my favorite pictures ever. Full blog post from this portrait session coming soon!

9 mkp World Down Syndrome Day brothers and sisters

The South Central LA Regional Center, or SCLARC, is an organization in South Central that helps people in the community with special needs. They hired me to shoot an event they held for World Down Syndrome Day. This event was so special… I don’t even know where to begin. Up until this particular event, SCLARC had only hired me for donor events geared toward the fundraising arm of the organization. This was my first experience seeing for whom that money is raised. The super hero themed event is one I will never forget.

10 mkp World Down Syndrome Day twins

This and the following 2 photos are also from the event for World Down Syndrome Day. These twin sisters had a private moment while their parents checked them in for the event. The girl on the right whispered something into her sisters ear that made her smile.  She immediately put her head on her shoulder after the exchange.  It was so sweet; I totally teared up while I was taking it.

11 mkp World Down Syndrome Day brother and sister

I didn’t realize how sweet this shot was until I was editing the whole job. The way this boy his caring for his little sister makes me cry as I type this. Dammit! Why am I such a sap?!

12 mkp World Down Syndrome Day Superman

There’s just too much awesomeness going on in this shot. Full blog post from this event coming soon!

13 mkp girl with her grandma

This was taken at the same Grandparents Day event from the photo of mother/daughter pair a few pics above. “Sweetness” seems to be what drove my favorite photos from March. This girl holding her grandmothers hand as she shows her her school gets me in my sappy core.

Sappy McSapperson here guys. Now you know, if you didn’t already.

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Posted on Apr 09, 2017

The Pasadena Police Activities League, or PAL, held it’s 15th annual Golden Badge Awards Dinner last week. This year’s commemorative “Through the Years” event honored Steve Brockmeyer of Bolton & Company, retired Pasadena Police Chief Bernard K. Melekian, the Salvation Army and current Pasadena police chief Phillip Sanchez. Guests dressed up in their sporty best and partied it up for a good cause. Jill at MHP Events hooked up Pasadena Convention Center for a beautifully staged and executed event. I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that DJ Severe, the official DJ of the Dodgers, kept the party going from the cocktail hour and beyond. That guy seriously rocks so hard.

The Pasadena PAL is such a gem of an organization, it continues to shock me that more people don’t know about them. The Police Activities League is a national organization that came to Pasadena in 1997. It partners the youth of the community with the men and women of the Pasadena Police Department in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment while providing academic and cultural enrichment. PAL offers homework assistance, various sports, and a wide variety of special activities such as robotics and arts classes that give students an opportunity to build character and form a positive relationship with our community’s law enforcement. Currently, the PAL program serves an average of 120 children a day in grades 4 – 12 with over 200 more on the waiting list.

The more supporters of the organization, the more kids they are able to let in the program. At a time in our country full of fear, unrest and division; programs like this that truly nurture relationships between those in the community and those that serve them, creating a dialogue that goes both ways, is absolutely imperative. We can yell and scream at what’s wrong, or we can put our energy into those things that work.

PAL works. I love them so much.

1 mkp pasadena convention center

2 mkp pasadena convention center mhp events

3 mkp pasadena convention center mhp events

4 mkp mhp event details

5 mkp pasadena pal golden badge gala

6 mkp pasadena pal golden badge awards

7 mkp Phlunte Riddle

8 mkp pasadena pal golden badge gala

9 mkp pasadena pal golden badge gala

10 mkp pasadena pal supporters

11 mkp Roxanne Haines, Anthony Riley and Eddie Bondarczuk

I told you they wore their sporty best.

12 mkp pasadena convention center mhp events

13 mkp pasadena pal golden badge gala


The event committee co-chairs show their nice and mean faces.

15 mkp Eddie Bondarczuk, Roxanne Haines and Chief Phillip Sanchez

16 mkp pasadena pal golden badge gala

17 mkp boys in blue

18 mkp pasadena pal golden badge gala

19 mkp Roxanne Haines, Eddie Bondarczuk and Chief Bernard K. Melekian

20 mkp Pasadena Police and Fire

21 mkp pasadena pal golden badge gala

22 mkp pasadena pal golden badge gala

23 mkp Eddie Bondarczuk

This is not a picture of a guy in 1930… He is real now.


25 mkp Deborah and Chief Phillip Sanchez

Two of my favorite people. I love them so much!!

26 mkp pasadena pal golden badge gala

27 mkp pasadena pal golden badge gala

28 mkp epic ball throw

Sporty best dad engaged in an epic throw!

29 mkp epic ball catch

To his cutie pie of a child who figures out that the best way to catch a ball is with closed eyes.

30 mkp he's going to hit a home run

He’s locked in folks!


HOMERUN!!!! And the crowd goes wild!!!!!

32 mkp Roland hit a homerun

33 mkp Roland hit a homerun

Just the usual second base homerun celebratory squats. As you do.

34 mkp Roxanne Haines

35 mkp Roxanne Haines

This lovely lady is the Pasadena PAL director, Roxanne Haines.  She is so very loved.

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Posted on Mar 26, 2017

Flintridge Prep hires me to shoot all sorts of awesomess. Just last month they brought be in to document what was virtually a whole day of science labs, one of which included dissecting a cow’s eye! At one point, I set down my gear, put on some rubber gloves, and got in there with the students. It rocked. You know what else rocked? Their incredible 70’s themed benefit that took place not too long after the bitchin’ cow eye encounter.

The committee absolutely killed it. They held their biggest fundraiser at the stunning Vibiana in downtown L.A. They put together a fantastic group of vendors that included Keith McLane at KLM Auctions, Dean Henderson at RSVP DJ’s, High Voltage Lighting and yours truly to document the 70’s insanity.

One gorgeous venue,

+ wild, fun people dressed in their 70’s best ready to get down

+ a super skilled committee and vendors ensuring a tightly run ship

= a gem of an event that was a treat to shoot.

Flintridge Prep, you just keep shaking your groove thang.

1 mkp Prep Gala

2 mkp LA City Hall and Vibiana

3 mkp Vibiana

4 mkp Beth and Rob Hansen

5 mkp 70's theme gala

6 mkp Andy Warhol and model

7 mkp Flintridge Prep

8 mkp Keith McLane, Phill Lewis, Phil LaMarr and Dean Henderson

9 mkp Vibiana

10 mkp Vibiana gala details

11 mkp Nicole Trevor aka best picture ever

12 mkp Prep Gala

13 mkp gala detail shots

14 mkp Prep Gala

15 mkp Stephen and Juliana Erdody

16 mkp Keith McLane, Phil LaMarr and Phill Lewis

17 mkp gala live auction

18 mkp live auction negotiation

19 mkp gala live auction bidding war

20 mkp Phill Lewis, Keith McLane, Phil LaMarr and Peter Bachman

21 mkp Prep Gala

22 mkp 70's theme gala

23 mkp lets groove tonight

24 mkp polaroid picture

25 polaroid of Melissa Kobe

26 mkp 70's theme gala

27 mkp ymca

28 mkp 70's theme gala

29 mkp Prep Gala

30 mkp Monique Stevens and Leslie Levy

Posted on Mar 19, 2017

I am lucky to have a good number of incredible women in my life to look to as positive role models. Among them is this RAD woman, Kristin, AKA Grease Girl. One of the many reason’s for my admiration is that if she’s talking about doing something, she’s DOING it. I think of her as an artistic craftswoman… She does crazy awesome shit with her hair, make up and general styling, and sometimes even makes her own clothes. If you went to her wedding and saw all the cool decorations and even her wedding dress, you might inquire where she bought such coolness only to find out that she made it. She dances, writes, she’s a photographer and oh yeah… She’s into cars. She was instrumental in the creation of The Gasoline Girls, an all girls car club here in Southern California. Even though she works professionally in the automotive industry, she still maintains her Grease Girl blog, which she uses to document her journey into all things car related.

The Automobile Driving Museum had an exhibit last month called “A Woman’s Touch” which recognized the impact that women had on the automobile industry from the inception of the automobile to modern times. The museum reached out to Kristin to see if she would be interested in teaching a “ladies only car class”. She was interested and so were 30 or so other women who showed up early one Sunday morning to learn about what’s under the hood of their cars. It was so cool.

I was beyond excited when she hired to me to document that first class. Basically, I absolutely adore her.   Her inquisitiveness, desire to make things beautiful, overall kindness, adventurous heart and getter-done personality make her one of my most favorite people on the planet. The class was such a success that they’re doing more. If you ladies out there are interested in attending, click here for more information. The more badass girls out there doing their thing, the better. Let the Grease Girl help lead the way by example.

1 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

2 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

3 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

4 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

5 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

6 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

7 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

8 mkp grease girl at the automobile museum

9 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

10 mkp classic cars

11 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

12 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

13 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

14 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

15 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

16 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

17 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

18 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

19 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

20 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

21 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

22 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

23 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

24 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

25 mkp grease girl at the automobile driving museum

26 mkp grease girl girls car class

27 mkp girl power Grease Girl

28 mkp girl power Grease Girl

29 mkp girl power Grease Girl

30 mkp girl power Grease Girl

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Posted on Mar 12, 2017

I am super proud of today’s post. A regular client of mine brought me in for a very specific shoot. They had a clearly defined idea for a portion of their website where they wanted to show their students in fun, dignified, bright and engaging portraits. The girls they picked to be the subjects were absolutely lovely to shoot, and my client who also worked double duty as my production assistant is the bomb. I am so happy with how the photos and the finished project turned out! I feel like all the pieces came together to form the message they wanted to get out there.

Check out the finished project here once you’ve gotten a little taste from the screenshots below 🙂

1 mkp commercial portrait shoot

This awesome woman is NOT a student!  She is my client and these are her posing for my test shots. I love them so much I had to include them.

2 mkp behind the scenes on a commercial portrait shoot

You saw this photo in last week’s blog post from my favorite photos of the month.  The wind started up, crinkling the backdrop.  The above mentioned client/production assistant started blowing back trying to get it to straighten out.  Let’s just say she was successful in making me laugh… Not so much her mission.

3 mkp commercial portrait shoot

4 mkp commercial portrait shoot

5 mkp commercial portrait shoot

6 mkp commecial portrait shoot

7 mkp commercial portrait shoot

8 mkp student life photojournalistic photography

These last two photos were not from the portrait shoot, but one of my student life campus shoots.

9 mkp student life photojournalistic commercial photography


Posted on Mar 05, 2017

Here are my personal favorite 13 pictures from February. Let’s get to it.

1 mkp silly family portrait

This shot was not on my shotlist of family portraits for a bat mitzvah I was shooting. From what I gather, this lovely group has a secretly kind of dirty pose they’ve been doing for decades. I’m not a 100% sure of what it means, but this shot of them getting ready to do it is the best. I love a photo with some hidden meaning… I also love a photo that reflects a good gut laugh.

2 mkp gettin down

I understand I’m kind of cheating with this composite shot, but I think both pictures needed to happen to get the full scope of the moment. The DJ was hyping the crowd for the bat mitzvah’s grand entrance. He asked everyone to do what the dancer was doing. This woman NAILED it.

3 mkp girlfriends

So much love.

4 mkp reading is cool

Same bat mitzvah as the above 3 photos. The lovely lady had a literary theme to her party, which Rose of Two Tree Events executed beautifully. I had her do a cool artsy shot with her bitchin’ lighting scheme. Full blog post for this event will be coming soon!

5 mkp Grease Girl

This amazing woman is a friend as well as a client. We used to wait tables together back in the day at a 50’s diner on the Westside. I had the honor of shooting her wedding a few years back. She is such an awesome, beautiful and inspiring person to me, I wouldn’t even know where to start for this little photo caption. The short of it is, she is into cars both professionally and personally. She was asked by the El Segundo Automotive Driving Museum to teach a girls car class. She hired me to shoot it and I made her pose for a few portraits after it was done. This is her in all her Grease Girl awesomeness. I adore her. Full blog post for this event coming soon.

6 mkp photography shoot

One of my favorite regular clients, Westridge School in Pasadena, brought me in to do a portrait shoot for their website. At one point, the wind started up, wrinkling the seamless background. My direct point of contact who was in charge of the project tried to help by blowing back at the wind in an attempt to fix the background. I was laughing so hard, and yet, I let her keep trying in her way while I stepped back to get a wide shot of the action. I love my clients.

7 mkp SCLARC McLaney

This shot was taken at a fast becoming regular client of mine, SCLARC. They are an amazing organization in South Central L.A. that helps serve special needs members of the community. What they do for the community is truly incredible, and the people that run the organization are the best. They are such a pleasure to work for and with, and so fun to be around. They are a perfect example of the kind of client relationships that I like to cultivate and nourish. They hired me to shoot a donor event honoring a major donor who has contributed much over her involvement, but specifically a very large monetary donation she made. When she said a few words to address the crowd, she added that she decided to contribute an additional $100,000. The CEO, Dexter Henderson, was just beside himself with joy. This shot was taken when he brought up his team to be recognized after the honoree’s speech. It was an incredible moment to witness, and document. On a separate note, I want to be the honoree, Dr. La-Doris McClaney when I grow up. She is a force.

8 mkp girls in science

Another favorite client of mine, Flintridge Prep, brought me in last month to do a campus shoot. It was a day full of science labs!! I even put on some gloves to feel a cow’s eye that was being dissected in one of them. One class was building a kind of pulley, mechanical thing. (I think you can tell by this last sentence that I did NOT attend Flintridge Prep.) The groups had to build their mechanical thing using random objects, which included cereal boxes among other odds and ends. One group was building theirs over the edge of a desk, so naturally I got underneath said desk to lie on the floor to shoot from that perspective. My getting into such shooting stances often leads to a bonding experience with those subjects. I had other classes to document that day, so I wasn’t there to see if those girls were successful with their build or not. Later, I was shooting in the courtyard during the passing period after that particular class with my telephoto lens. This lovely lady walked into my shot some ways away expressing to me that they were indeed successful. When shooting with a telephoto (or zoom lens), your focus is significantly narrowed, and your sights are set quite a bit away from your actual person. I didn’t even see her coming until she walked into my frame. I know it might sound crazy, but these little moments that happen are what I love most about being a photographer.

9 mkp wall art

This was taken from the same campus shoot as above. You wouldn’t expect to see street art on a building at a private school, which makes me love this client even more.

10 mkp bat mitzvah

This was not staged. I was setting up my light for a portrait session at a temple in the valley for a bat mitzvah client. The Cantor, Rabbi and bat mitzvah girl started singing and dancing for real.

11 mkp dab

Grandpa didn’t catch onto the dab quite as well as Grandma, but I think that’s what makes this picture so great.

12 mkp girls just want to have fun

Girls just want to have fun.

13 mkp dont stop believing

Might this be one of my favorite photos of all time? It just might be. DJ Randy Lehrman and his team at Real Genius DJ’s is THE BOMB. I mean seriously… He got ALL the kids and a good chunk of the adults to dance for like 5 hours straight. It was amazing. I can’t remember what song this group was singing to, but I think maybe Bon Jovi? No matter; I am buying what they’re selling.  Full blog post for this event coming soon!

Posted on Feb 27, 2017
Posted in Portraits

We all do these days. I know what you’re thinking… Such a portrait session is not the most fun thing you could do with your afternoon and you’re not wrong.  That being said, I make them as fun and painless as possible.

Option 1:

I come to you for a natural light session lasting up to 2 hours.

Cost: $400 (additional fee for studio lighting.)


Option 2:

You come to my studio in down town for a 2-hour session.

Cost: $300


Option 3:

Beginning this March, I am doing what I call “Second Sunday.” No need to schedule an appointment; you just come to my studio anytime between the hours of 10:00 and 6:00 for a mini session lasting 20 – 25 minutes.

Cost: $100; $20 of which goes to charity.

I currently work with the Pasadena PAL, Five Acres, Harambee, and the PCD Foundation. You choose which charity you want to donate to.

My studio is located at 338 S. Ave 16 Los Angeles, CA 90031 Unit A12

Today’s blog post is from a full session at my studio for an incredible client who was in need of some professional photos that showed her bright personality. I think we nailed it.  I dare you to not fall into a trance looking at those deep blue, beautiful eyes!

1 mkp dt studio headshots

2 mkp dt studio headshots

3 mkp dt studio headshots

4 mkp dt studio headshots

7 mkp dt studio headshots

5 mkp dt studio headshots

6 mkp dt studio headshots


8 mkp dt studio headshots

Posted on Feb 20, 2017

I had the absolute PLEASURE of going on a helicopter ride with the Pasadena Police Department. Colleague, client and friend, Jill Hawkins of MHP Events, was my partner in crime. IT WAS SO FREAKING COOL!!! It was no joyride for the guys working and there were quite a few things going on in the city that required the helicopter that day.  Seeing what they do and how they work was facinating.  Because I had my gear with me, I was able to photograph a particular street corner of interest to the cops at one point during the ride… Sooooooo basically I’m like an honoree PPD officer. All in a days work folks!

1 mkp pasadena police helicopter

2 mkp pasadena police helicopter

3 mkp pasadena police helicopter

4 mkp pasadena police helicopter

5 mkp pasadena police helicopter

6 mkp pasadena police helicopter

7 mkp pasadena police helicopter

8 mkp pasadena police helicopter

9 mkp pasadena police helicopter

10 mkp pasadena police helicopter

11 mkp pasadena police helicopter

12 mkp pasadena police helicopter

13 mkp pasadena police helicopter

14 mkp pasadena aerial view


16 mkp pasadena aerial view

17 mkp pasadena rose bowl


18 mkp pasadena police pcc aerial view

19 mkp pasadena police pasadena aerial view

20 mkp jill hawkins

21 mkp pasadena police santa anita race track aerial view

22 mkp pasadena aerial view

23 mkp pasadena police helicopter pasadena aerial view

24 mkp pasadena police helicopter pasadena aerial view

25 mkp pasadena police pasadena aerial view

26 mkp pasadena police helicopter

27 mkp jill hawkins

These mofo’s took one of my cameras when I was taking pics inside the cockpit.

helicopter book - 30 of 30